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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michael Moore vs Movie Accounting: Sues Weinsteins For More 9/11 Movie Profits After Already Pocketing $19.8 Million; Yes Or No - "He Redefines The Term Greedy"?

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Today, Moore filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud arising out of his audit of his controversial war on terror documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore is seeking at least $2.7 million from the Weinstein Brothers in what he claims are "rerouted" and unpaid profits. Why is it I think Harvey has finally met his match in Michael, and vice versa? The Weinsteins have already paid Moore $19.8 million for his backend profit participation in the movie.  Further, the bros are bitching that they were blindsided by the lawsuit: the Weinsteins for the past six months offered to go to mediation on what their reps are calling a "standard accounting dispute" -- isn't that what studios and producers always claim? -- but Moore kept rejecting that. Even more bizarrely, as recently as last week, the Weinsteins were chatting with Moore about doing ANOTHER(!!!!!!!!!) movie together because insiders tell me that  Moore next wants to direct a fictional feature film. (Of course, some partisan circles found the Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary to be claptrap exploitation while others saw it as courageous exposure.

By NIKKI FINKE Founder & Editor in Chief of Deadline Hollywood


  1. It isn't said that Moore is the good one in this lawsuit and Weinstein is the bad one.
    And please disable captcha

  2. i never saw fahrenheit 9/11
    follow me ^_^

    for those of you who maybe haven't seen his films
    and follow me please :)

  4. depending on what this suit shows, if he is not getting his legitimate dues i would say no, he is not being greedy. i guess haha

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  6. i remember seeing tht movie. Not impressing and ambushing people and asking some lame questions.blahhhh
    I agree with "Greedy",
    more tags, selfish, irritable,using public for own selfgood, cheating,doublecrossing

  7. I completely understand why he would.

    Have you seen the size of that man? Imagine how much it must cost to feed him...

    Neckflab like that doesn't just form overnight! You need to work for it!